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With CDM 2007 legislation, contractors are expected to write, produce and issue method statements and risk assessments for all projects. There are three main parties which play a vital part in the process of completing the project: Contractors use the method statements and risk assessments, NEBOSH teaches contractors and issues out certificates and the HSE enforces the methods statement and risk assessments. Contractors are responsible to write and issue the method statement and risk assessment, NEBOSH are a body that teach people such as the contractors and the HSE (formerly HSC) enforce the method statement and risk assessment. Larger contractors will generally have a CDM-Coordinator overseeing the whole process. However, smaller contractors may not have this facility

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  • Production of a bespoke RAMS library to suit your requirements
  • Upgrading of your existing RAMS Library
  • Production of the RAMS Library in paper or electronic (E-Manual) format

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