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“The preparation of contract documentation is something that Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors hate to do, do badly or just plain don’t do at all” Dave Nott, Wates Construction

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Virtual Tour Photography Services

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Are you looking for a virtual tour of your premises? Need still or moving panoramic images of your latest installation. We can do it.

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In May this year, Google launched a project in the UK to extend the Google Maps Street View programme to give small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to let customers take a virtual tour inside their premises! When I  heard about this, I really wanted to be a part of it so I contacted Google. Within a matter of days, I had been invited to undertake training as a Google Trusted Photographer - the person who takes the images to be made into the virtual tour. I’ve now completed the training, I’m fully accredited as a Google Trusted Photographer and I’m ready to help you get your business on to Google Business Photos.

I have made a significant investment in equipment for use as a Google Trusted Photographer. To ensure it is used to its fullest extent, I have also invested in additional software to allow me to create panoramic photography and stand-alone virtual tours.

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Click here to view our Google Business Photos website. This is an external link to the westmids business photos website which gives full details of all of the virtual tour photographic services we offer.

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